Our Raleigh, NC, Estate Planning Practice Areas

Whether you are looking to write or update a will, establish trusts to control how and when your money is distributed, or need assistance with administering a trust, the estate planning office of Teague Campbell offers the legal services to meet your needs.

Wills and Trusts

If you die without a will in North Carolina, your assets will be distributed to surviving family members according to state law, not according to your wishes. None of your assets will go to special friends or charitable organizations, even if your loyalty to certain groups was well known during your lifetime. The only way to ensure that your wealth and property are inherited by the people who matter most to you is to work with an estate planning attorney now to figure out the best plan for your unique situation.

Attorney George Pender is the estate planning attorney for Teague Campbell in Raleigh, North Carolina. With a background as a financial advisor, he offers clients a vast amount of knowledge about the best ways to allocate assets, how to protect assets from nursing homes and death taxes, and how to deal with dysfunctional family members. George can help residents throughout North Carolina with wills, trusts, living trusts, and much more.


Coping with the death of a loved one is never easy. If you have been named as an executor or administrator of that person’s will, it could be an even more difficult time. As the personal representative of the deceased, you will have to perform certain duties as the estate goes through probate. While this process is not complicated in North Carolina, it could be more than you’re ready to handle alone. George Pender, the probate and estate planning attorney at Teague Campbell, can assist you through this process and ensure that all legal requirements are met as you distribute your loved one’s assets.

For people planning their own estates, they may want to consider working with Mr. Pender on a plan that avoids probate for their own assets. Through a living trust, you can leave instructions regarding your estate that will not require probate upon your death. The law firm of Teague Campbell can help residents throughout the state of North Carolina with probate and estate planning.

Estate Administration

You’ve taken the first important step by meeting with attorney George Pender to make official plans for your assets once you are gone. However, your work may not be done. Life throws many curve balls our way and as things change, so should your estate plan. Through our estate administration services, you will be able to update or modify your will or living trust as necessary to make sure the changes in your life are accounted for.

Our estate administration services also continue after you are gone. We will make sure your wishes are executed as established in your will or living trust after your passing to ease the transition for your executor and family members. When you work with Mr. Pender in the estate planning office of Teague Campbell, you establish a relationship that lasts a lifetime.